How to Read a Family History Entry and Find a Name

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2017 Family History
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How Read a History Entry and Find a Name
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What do the Numbers Mean?

Note: This example was originally prepared by Hollis “Andy” Anderson.

The Family History is a report generated from our database which is maintained using a program named “Legacy Family Tree”. The program was purchased by the Editor for the purpose of maintaining this and other databases.

A Family History entry description.

Beginning with the oldest ancestor, each person is assigned a given "person number" and it is shown as [nnn].
Children are assigned the next “person number” in birth order. They are identified as Male or Female. Also, they are given a "birth order number" designation: i, ii, iii, iv, v, etc.
When a PLUS (+) appears before a “person number”, they have a family and are listed later on in the report with their own family grouping.


If you go by your MIDDLE name, this index may be confusing. However, nicknames and middle names are used in the commentaries if I knew them.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will FREQUENTLY see the phrase:

"(Duplicate Line. See Person XXX)".

This comment appears when cousins or other relatives in one of the direct lines marry each other. Rather than list all 12 kids again, they print the line once and refer to the personal number of the relative whose information has already been reported and printed.


297. George Burvie ANDERSON (Angus Lane "Gus”120, Roderick Lane43, Daniel12, Angus 3, Patriarch1)
           George married Dorothy MILLER, daughter of James Bryant MILLER and Nevie Carolina PRICE.
Children from this marriage were:
     +684 M I. Hollis Dwain "Andy" ANDERSON.
             Andy married Judith Ann KING (b. 23 Aug 1944) on 12 Oct 1963 in Warrensburg, Missouri.
       685 M ii. Huel Delwin ANDERSON was born on 7 Jan 1941 in DeFuniak Springs, Florida.

Explanation of Example:

George Burvie ANDERSON, was the 297th named individual in this example.

In the parenthesis following his name are the names of all his direct ancestors back to the Patriarch with their Individual Numbers in Superscript.

     His father was Angus "Gus" and he is listed as the 120th person added to the list.
     His grandfather was Roderick Lane, person43;
     his great grandfather was Daniel, person 12;
     his great great grandfather was Angus, person 3.

Next is listed his wife and her parents; then the children.

There is a PLUS SIGN in front of my number, 684, which means my number will appear in BOLD later in the report in the next generation. There I will be listed and my wife again listed. Our children, who will be given numbers. My wife will NOT be given a number.

Being the oldest child, an "i" is placed after the gender designator, "M".

My brother is assigned the next number, 685, but does NOT have a PLUS SIGN because he did not marry and did not have children. He will not appear in the report again.

The "ii" designates him as the second child of this marriage.

Navigating with the Name Index

Everyone named in the Family Book will be in the index at least once.
Everyone who is married and/or has children will appear once as the child of the parents in the parents family grouping and again in ones own family grouping.

     Look up your name.

The Name Index lists every page where your name appears.