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At the present time, there is no plan for future print publication of the Anderson-Broxson Genealogy.

If you desire a printed copy, you will be sent a DVD containing an Adobe PDF format file that you can print all or a portion of. The file will be formatted for printing on standard letter sized paper that be punch and placed in a three ring binder. A three (3) inch binder is the minimum recommended binder size.

Send an email to with the following information:

In the Subject line put: Request for Anderson-Broxson Genealogy for Print

In the body of the email provide:

Street Address
Zip Code
Phone number to contact you at.

State if you want source information, photos, documents and other media included.

State if you want a Location Index. (Name index is always provided.)

You will be receive a reply email or be contacted by phone with an anticipated date that the DVD will be sent. The DVD will only be sent by First-Class US Postal Service.

PLEASE NOTE: As the genealogy is maintained by volunteers, it may take several weeks for you be contacted and/or the file send to you. You patience is appreciated.