Unidentified Photographs

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  Unknown Photographs

Hollis “Andy” Anderson sent me a USB Stick or Thumbdrive with a number of photographs. Among this collection were photographs previous published in the Green Book of 2008, those photographs and some others are in Chapter 6 of this edition. There a significant number that lacked sufficient identification of the people to allow their inclusion in the database. I am including these photos in hope that someone can identify the people.

Some of the photos I received from Hollis Anderson cannot be effectively reproduced, even with electronic photo enhancement. These photos will simply be kept on file and passed on to the next generation with the archive files of the family

Each picture has a caption, which is either a number or a short text photo name. If you can identify the person or persons in the photo please sens and email to the Editor ( with the photo caption and your identification. For groups, please identify row and then list names from left to right.

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Photos from unknown source


Photos from the folder titled: Anderson


Photos from the folder titled: Broxson Group


Photos from the folder titled: Houpt


Photos from the folder titled: Lance Pix/2007-10-27