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     Notables Lists

              Known Family Members with Military Service

For the curious a roster has been prepared of family members known to have served in the Military at anytime in the history of the United States. Person who died of injury from combat or disease contracted during combat are denoted with a star.

PLEASE NOTE: this roster has very few names of person who served after 1946. This is because military service record data is not available to the general public until 70 years after completion of service. If you know that someone has served in the military after 1946, please send the editor the information outlined below via email ( or postal (124 Skinner St, Centerton, AR 72719)
 There may be omissions or errors - please freely contact us using the FEDBACK FORM

                                    Military Service Information

Name: First, Middle Last. No nicknames
Branch of Service:
     Army                         Army Reserve                  Army National Guard
(include state)
     Navy                         Navy Reserve
     Air Force                   Air Force Reserve          Air National Guard (include state)
     Marine Corps          Marine Corps Reserve

     Coast Guard          Coast Guard Reserve
Dates of Service
      Entry Date                  Discharge/Retirement Date
Combat Service, in any Location, dates
Rank at Discharge/Retirement
If Officer, Source of Commission: Service Academy, ROTC, OCS, Direct

                                          Notables List

                           Military Veterans                                                                                                     1
                           Notable Persons in Education, Health Services, Religion, Public Service         8