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January 31, 2018    General Site Update
Revised to reflect organization and content of the 2017 Anderson-Broxson Family History.
Update of home page content.  Updated Navigation Menu.

August 1, 2015         General site update

A general site update was put in place on August 1, 2015.  This update included the following:
    Genealogy: corrections, expansions and additions through 22 July 2015
    Technology:  the general web site design was updated to a more modern form of web page presentation.
            Additional design updates to include background page colors and images will added as time allows.
    New Section called Veterans added:  This listing of family members known to have military service.
            Additions to the list will occur as new information is received for discovered. 
            If you served and you are not listed it is because we do not have the information, please send an update.