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The website has be revised and reorganized. It now has esentially the same organization as the 2017 edition of the Anderson-Broxson Family History that was debuted at the 2017 reunion. The 2017 edition is available only on DVD. Copies are available for $10.00 plus postage. See the Reunion page for instructions to obtain your copy.   

Much of the content in the Family History Book Sections have been converted to PDF format. Therefore, page load time may be slow, especialy the 2017 Family History or Genealogy pages. 

There are other related family names associated with the Anderson-Broxson Family. You can reach all the family genealogies at The Family  History (Genealogy).

Annual Family Reunion, October 27-28, 2018

Attend the Anderson-Broxson Family Reunion on the last Saturday in October of each year. An informal potluck dinner and fish fry is held on Friday evening preceding the Reunion.

Church and Cemetery

The Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery has an important role in the Anderson-Broxson Family. Visit the CEMETERY page to find out how the family supports the cemetery. And what personal support opportunies are available.


The News page allows us to communicate news about persons or events pertaining to the family. Please check the news on every visit.


The only way we can improve our family web site is to hear from you about our errors or YOUR ideas and suggestions. Send us your feedback by following the instructions at FEEDBACK.

Genealogy Updates

The genealogy on this website cannot be updated online. Updates must be submitted for review and acceptance.
After review and approval the changes will be made to the master genealogy file which is offline. Updated genealogy will published as needed. There is no schedule for publishing updates.

To submit updates to the genealogy, follow the instructions at Genealogy Updates.

If you desire a printed Genealogy, follow the instructions at Printed Genealogy.