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The Anderson-Broxson genealogy consists of more than the Anderson or the Broxson named families. There are SEVEN other closely related family names rooted in the Pleasant Grove community that make up the nine families that we call the Anderson-Broxson Family for which we maintain a genealogy and Family History.

This web site also includes eight other familiees that have been somewhat researched and not previously contained in the printed books. These families are relations of women who have married male members of the Anderson-Broxson family in more recent years..

It is expected that as further genealogy research is conducted other family names will be added.

If you have related family genealogy that you want added to this site or you would like to have your related family genealogy researched, contact the webmaster.

You can return to this page from a family line, by clicking on Return to Genealogy at the bottom of the Table of Contents page.

Anderson-Broxson Genealogies

Angus Anderson and John Anderson are two brothers that came to America from Scotland in 1802/1803 with their parents. Settling first in North Carolina, John and Angus relocated to the Florida Territories in the late 1820s or early 1830s.

Thomas Broxson I is the English ancestor of the Broxson side of the family that settled in the Pleasant Grove/Sandy Creek portion of Walton County.

James Vaughan, patriarchal ancestor of the James Vaughan who married Nancy Anderson about 1824. Nancy was the daughter of Angus Anderson (above) who came from Scotland.

Malcolm Lamon, Sr., patriarchal ancestor of Flora Campbell Lamont who married John Wesley Broxson in 1864.

Gilbert Ray, this patriarch also relocated to the Florida Territory from North Carolina and settled in Walton County.

Ephraim J. Gordon, this patriarch was another early settler of Walton County.

Benjamen B. Davis, patriarch of early settlers of Walton County who relocated from North Carolina via Geogia and married into the families.

Elijah Padgett and William Moses Harrison each settled in and near the Pleasant Grove Community and has descendants that married into the families.


Other Family Genealogies

Allen Wright Pridgen, fraternal patriarch of James O. Pridgen. James married Leatrice Broxson in 1951.

William P. Seay, maternal patriarch of Leatrice Broxson, who married James O. Pridgen in 1951.

Frederich B. Mittendorf, fraternal patriarch of M. Allene Mittendorf, who married Robert M. Anderson, Sr. in 1944.

Cassen Carls and John Combs, are maternal patriarchs of M. Allene Mittendorf, who married Robert M. Anderson, Sr. in 1944.

Dirk Janssen, fraternal patriarch of Margot Aissen, who married Robert M. Anderson, Jr. in 1968.

John Patterson and  Johann G. Kehle, fraternal ann maternal patriarchs of Andrea Patterson, who married William H. Anderson in 1974.