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Pleasant Grove Cemetery Association

An expression of Love by The Anderson-Broxson Family Reunion
A Not-For-Profit Organization

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     The Caring Plan

A method of ensuring care for the Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery was a topic of discussion at the Anderson-Broxson Reunions from the start in 1970. A resolution, developed by Byron E. Ray and Lance W. Anderson and adopted in 1977, established purpose, objectives, and procedures in creating and operating a Pleasant Grove Cemetery Association Fund.

The resolution provided procedures and objectives including:

     How You May Participate

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Pleasant Grove Cemetery Association
Officers and Directors

Directors and Officers of the association are elected for life and are responsible for and trusted to carry out all rules of the resolution of association and the stated intentions of donors within the law. You may contact them regarding any questions you may have by using the information below.

Remember that you can send contributions, any time during the year. The Associations Tax ID number is below and may be entered on your checks or other paperwork for tax purposes.


Thanks for your continued support of our family cemetery trust fund.

Officers and Directors

S. Roderick Harrison,
Chairman and Treasurer
2360 Haughton Lane
Ponce de Leon, FL 32455

Amy Pridgen, Secretary
165 Shadowbrooke Circle
Loganville, GA 30052
(678) 639-0237

Tony Rutherford
212 Blue Pond Lane
Ponce De Leon, FL 32455-5778


James H. Mitchem
2900 Briarcliff Road
Panama City, FL 32405-4342

(850) 785-4777

Richard Pannell
1134 Juniper Lake Road

DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433
(850) 865-8198

Melinda Bailey
P.O.Box 148
DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435


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History of the Association

The current series of Family Reunions began in 1970 with leadership of three Broxsons and two Andersons. The reunion was begun to bring together descendants of Angus L. Anderson and Thomas G. Broxson at least once a year.

Soon after the Reunion began, Byron Ray proposed a plan for the creation of a Perpetual Memorial Trust to fund upkeep of the cemetery at Pleasant Grove. The initial goal for trust funding was $20,000. That was a goal-not a limit. We have continued to overcome the effect of inflation by adding to our capital.

Under the trust covenant, all annual interest income generated from your gifts to the fund are contributed as a designated offering from the Reunion to Pleasant Grove Baptist Church for upkeep of the church cemetery. The stewardship of the church in using your trust gift is visible in the manicured appearance of the cemetery. Your continued dedication to this family memorial is appreciated.

You are encouraged to discuss your interest in contributing to the fund for preserving and caring for the cemetery with any officer or director.

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