Anderson- Broxson Family History (Genealogy)

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2017 Family History
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How Read a History Entry and Find a Name
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Name Index

Names Listing

The 2017 edition of the Anderson-Broxson Family History was published on a DVD. The Family History/Genealogy as a single PDF file that combined an Introduction, the names listing, source list, Name Index and Location Index.

For ease of access and use on the internet, this one file divided into a file containing the names and source list and the Name Index. The Introductory Information (edited) became a separate How to Read an Entry and Find a Name page and the Iocation Index was omitted.

The Family History has two sections:

Section 1- Name Index   - See "How to Read an Entry and Find a Name" for using the Name Index
Section 2 - The Names Listing and Source list
       For convenience the Table of Contents for the Names Listing is provided below.

Angus Anderson Descendants


John Anderson Descendants


Thomas Broxson I Descendants


James Vaughan Descendants


Malcolm Lamon, Sr. Descendants


Gilbert Ray Descendants


Ephraim J. Gordon Descendants


Benjaman Franklin Davis Descendants


William Moses Harrison Descendants


Elijah Padgett Descendants


   The Source List flows the last page of the Names Listing.