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2017 Family History
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 Family Heritage Reference

The Family Heritage Reference has been created to improve the readability of the Anderson-Broxson Family History and its attendant families by removing lengthy discourses that provide historical context or conflicting research and stories about people of general importance to the family or involve members of more than one branch of the family.

The Family Heritage Reference begins with a variety of documents that contain general background information to enable the reader to understand influences on life of our ancestors prior to the 1600s, the context of life in the 1600s- early 1900s, realities of the migration across the Atlantic to the “New World” and even within the “New World” that have appeared in previous editions. Some of the other documents provide information about individuals that has been recorded but a verifying source was not provided or was incompletely provided. Other documents provide information from other sources about practices, institutions and reports that have influenced society in general as well as specific individuals in the family. Another type of document are Biographies that have been researched and written about specific family members.

Some of these documents were originally entered into the database as Notes of different types. Often these notes were lengthy and were entered in the database multiple times. In the initial editing of the database for the 2017 edition nearly all notes were planned to become entries for the Family Heritage Reference. However, The database software was updated and a significant number of the Notes were converted to Stories and only the longer notes were placed into the Family Heritage Reference.